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Tree Care

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Our tree care is designed to maintain and manage your trees to ensure they are healthy and safe. This includes pruning, planting, and disease management, all of which are performed by our certified professionals.
Do you have a dead tree or one that you don't like over your house? Let our experts take a look. They can evaluate the tree(s) and determine what they need. Our goal is to save your tree(s) if that's what you want, but we're also prepared to handle the situation in a way that meets your needs.

We can trim all trees, whether they are small or large. However, we advise against performing a thorough trim on oak trees during extreme heat. Trimming oak trees between April and July increases the risk of them contracting oak wilt, a serious disease that can infect and kill several oak species. Oak wilt is caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum. If you need to trim oak trees during the high-risk months, we recommend removing only dead wood.

For any other trees in the Kansas City area, trimming can be done year-round. Additionally, we can prune and shape any bushes or shrubs, but the best time for this is early spring, winter, and fall. In extreme heat during the summer, plants may turn brown due to sun scald if they are cut. If it's summer, we recommend waiting for cooler temperatures.

We offer fertilization and injection services. As experts, we need to evaluate your trees to diagnose any problems they may have. Generally, mature trees do not require treatment unless there is an underlying issue. Our best advice is to contact us for a free and honest evaluation.
It's important to have professionals plant your trees, as planting them too deep or too high can negatively impact their longevity. Additionally, it's essential to water newly planted trees or plants for 20 minutes or more daily during the first year, and then gradually reduce the frequency of watering. Even after the first year, we recommend continuing to water them regularly to ensure their health and survival.

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Our dedicated customer service team is available around the clock to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure that every interaction is a positive one.

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